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Well, I suck! - Fans of the Gentlemen Bastards [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Well, I suck! [Feb. 13th, 2007|10:53 pm]
Fans of the Gentlemen Bastards


[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I buggered off to Facebook, forgot I'd set this community up, I should really pay some attention to it seeing as it's worth it.

Hum. I need to get the people I know who've read Lamora to join LJ!

Maybe something to start some discussion - it's all very well asking people who their favourite character is, but what about their favourite scene? Setting? Moment?

I don't have my book to hand so I can't really comment for now - but I'm sure you guys can!

From: hairyrogue
2007-10-19 07:55 pm (UTC)


I picked up Lies completely by accident in a shop in Dublin and I was blown away. I loved it, and when I went straight into Red Seas I wasn't disappointed at all. Cannot wait until Republic of Thieves! I'm trying to get my friends to read Lynch too but they can be quite the stubborn shower...anyway, quick message to say I agree!

My favourite scene...hmmm...It would have to be the prologue. The thiefmaker and chains, because I remember reading it and thinking that it was amazing. That and when he said 'piss up a chimney' I couldn't stop laughing. I love the wit throughout!
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[User Picture]From: paleail
2007-10-24 07:15 am (UTC)


I have only a few friends that have read this but I feel a bit like a drug dealer as I'm trying to get everyone hooked! Luckily my boyfriend has read both so we can have many a long discussion. We both like the term 'bumfuckery'! It's got a flow to it ....
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From: whitetenchi
2007-11-23 05:42 am (UTC)
I picked up Lies for a plane trip and ended up finishing it on the train before I got to the plane! I couldn't put it down, the wit and humour, and the detail to history Lynch puts into it it so addicting :D

My favourite part has to be in the first book, when Locke and Jean are caught on the windowsill with the cheating wife, the boyfriend, and the drunk husband. I couldn't stop laughing XD
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